Thursday, December 08, 2005

Another New One

Not mine, but this is what my brother has in the pipe. He has no Boomershoot aspirations as of yet, he just seems to like black, scary-looking guns that would make Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein soil their union suits.

I don't know a thing about FN/FAL or their clones, and I don't think my brother does either.

If anyone knows the difference between a Type I and Type II receiver, I'd be thankful for the info. This is the sort of thing I would email Head about, if Head were around.

When it arrives, live photos will follow.

The guy over at has a thing for FALs and might know the answer. He also has an FAQ on FALs:
Everything you and your brother want to know about FALs... FAL Files

It looks like it's from DSArms. If it is, it'll most likely be super sweet.

The Gunplumber has THE book on gunsmithing the FAL.

Mine is a beater parts gun, but I like it...

Another good link about FALs is Old Dirty. There's a thread on one of the gun forum board thingy's about it, with updated pictures, but I lost the link and don't remember where I found it...

Thanks for the info. I've forwarded it all to my brother. I'll see if he can digest it.

I bleg a lot, but always appreciate the help.

Best regards,

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