Friday, November 04, 2005

Range Diversity

The Old Man recently attended a family reunion in Virginia. The virtues and pitfalls of that decision are still being discussed, but apparently I have a third cousin who needs to get married off, and her father thinks I might be the ideal choice.

On the way back, he stopped to visit some family in WEST Virginia. I have an aunt, uncle, and two cousins there. They know the only living Jew in central WV. He is also an armed Jew. The Old Man and him took some time to shoot in the interim.

What always staggers my mind is the difference in ranges countrywide. I remember when I first saw pictures of the range Jeff at Alphecca shoots at in Vermont. It seems that when you have a pretty range, you trade distance for foliage. The pictures the Old Man took depict beauty in a range I can only imagine.

The Old Man tried to explain what our range looked like. Above is the contrast.

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