Sunday, November 27, 2005

Funnel Bitch

Relatively, I'm a newbie to reloading. There are great blog and written materials out there and, to date, I have produced a pretty decent .308 round. That's not to say there isn't a lot of room for improvement, but I've been satisfied with the progress I've made.

This weekend 2 things happened that pissed me off. First off, I had a retainer ring crossthread on a die. That sucks, and is probably rare, but it couldn't have been forseen.

On the other hand, I had my first batch of .300 WSM cases ready to load, only to realize that the fucking funnel doesn't fit.

Then I look at the Midway catalogue, as far as funnels go. Everyone says it will fit ".22-.45" "rifle or pistol." I think OK. Then I read further and all of them say that they won't work on any short magnum.

The question being: WTF will work on a WSM, as far as getting the fucking charge into the case?

I'm sitting on a whole loading tray of brass that is expensive but worthless.

Hey Benjamin,

Have you solved this problem yet?

I don't reload, and don't have any short mags anyway, so I don't have any first-hand knowledge. But here's an article by a guy who's reloading the .243 WSSM (with a pic, no less) using a Frankford Arsenal funnel.

Good luck!
Oops, forgot the article:

Thanks for the info. That was a good article all around.

I have a drop tube on order that should be here Monday, so that polished, prime brass has just sat there this weekend.

Best regards,

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