Thursday, November 10, 2005

Chai Vang: The Final Episode

Today, the sentencing came down in the Chai Vang case. Fucker got what he deserved. If only Wisconsin had the death penalty, this certainly would be a most deserving case.

I didn't realize this had happened until I checked my site meter and realized that it had gone completely nuts. Then I received another email from a member of the Hmong community, who made a pointed and substantive argument that white people suck.

Hey Benjamin; i see and heard the news about deer hunting in Crow Wing County
(Brainerd, MN). Chai Vang killed another Reneck. Hahahahahaaha Why don't Whites
blame this on Chai Vang too, so he can get another life term in prison? I
believe and honestly tell you that, if Chai Vang isn't already in Whites'
custody. You White people are going to point the finger on him for this
shooting. you white racist is going to say, yeap...yeap, Chai Vang is a person
of interest in this shooting. Too BAD. White shot White. You guys say, oopssss,
it's an accident. but if Whites shoot Asian and Asian sent Whites to Hell. You
guys say,'s not accident. It's a murder.
hahahahahahaaha....another one down. this time White killed white. the whole
country is so quite!

This will be the last post on this topic. While it is definitely a source of hits (Say Uncle's roundup from last year is still a top 20 Google result,) the dipshit got what he had coming and I don't need the bullshit.

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