Sunday, November 20, 2005

.340 Weatherby Magnum

I have to admit that after last year's Boomershoot, I was seriously considering building a ground-up rifle. As the remembrance receded, I decided on a bog-standard Remington 700 in .308 as next year's primary weapon. That rifle is coming along well and will definitely be making the trip to Idaho, come Spring.

In the mean time, I have a buddy who has always touted the superiority of a Sako action. As much as I looked in stores and online, I've never run into a LH Sako, even though I know they are produced.

Several weeks back, I was shopping for a Mini-14, but was looking at everything else as well, obviously. I found what the clerk referred to as a Magnum Research rifle. Upon inspection, I realized that these are the people that import Sakos. It was a long barrel, synthetic stock, with a muzzle break on its Krieger barrel. I started thinking that whatever poor bastard sold it must have been in some deep shit to let go of it. The barrel is glass bedded, as well.

What weirded me out was the freaky caliber I had never heard of: a .340 Weatherby Magnum.

I didn't buy it right then, but fucked about debating it for a week until I broke down and forked out. The tag said $1,400.00, but a buddy of mine used to work at this shop so after some obvious name dropping, it was more like $1,250.00 to $1,300.00.

Then I looked at the ammo. All ammo online looks the same. This shit cost $42.00 for a box of 20. I went ahead and ordered 40 rounds to begin, as I was doubtful if I could shoot a cartridge this large. I was even learier when the ammo showed up and I held it next to a .308 cartridge.

I went through all 40 rounds the first range day out, and the thing is a tack-driver. It is one of 3 candidates for Boomershoot back up now.

Pics above.

Also, I'm not the only Weatherby convert of late. Dave (The Kid's co-blogger) appears to be about to make the jump as well.

Time to invest in some reloadng equipment...

I was thinking about a .340 myself earlier this year. Really! (I even called Weatherby and whined about the fact that they'd discontinued LH actions; their custom guy said they'd be producing a new batch of LH actions this fall, but then I found the .300 and blew the budget.)

The thing that attracted me to the .340 Wby is that it's kinda close to the .338 Lapua but a LOT less expensive. (The .338-378 Weatherby's closer, tho.)

And I brought a LH Sako to Boomershoot this year; you walked right by it, I guess. (grin)

I will be VERY interested in seeing how your new baby does at extreme ranges. Congratulations!
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