Friday, October 07, 2005

New Score

The Old Man picked up an M-1 Carbine. That just about completes his WWII collection, outside of a BAR.

We gave it a trial run, but the winds were running 18-26 miles an hour. It being a straight cased cartridge, I'm assuming in doesn't have the wherewithal to stand up to that. It shot to the right, but so were the scoped rifles with no-wind zeros.

My only misgivings:

The cartridge is weird, there's no surplus, and reloading seems to be mandatory.

Additionally, the ejection path is all over the place; ranging from 6 inches to the right to 4 feet in front of you.

Pictures are posted above. This seems to be a superb truck gun, although I may be picking up a Mini-14 next week.

You might want to go with an SKS (not Chineese) for that trunk gun.

It is cheaper both for the gun but also also for the ammo. It also hits harder. The carbine round is notoriousley underpowered.


Good call. I was looking at an SKS last week. My problem is that I'm left handed. I do alright with ARs because of the brass deflector, but a lot of semi-autos just shoot hot brass into my face.

A buddy of mine is supposed to be taking me out to try his SKS in the next couple of weeks.

And for $180 it will look call on the wall even if I can't shoot it.

I wouldn't use the carbine for a truck gun... I wouldn't take it well if someone stole it. If an SKS (or something similar), well, then I'd just be out the $150 or so to replace it.

My daughter shoots left eye dominant, and my son is lefty, both shoot the SKS with no problem.
I had,(and still have),problems when I am at the range with them since I am so right handed I can't look up ambidextirous in the dictionary if I have to use my left hand. It is hard for me to twist my mind around and help them with grip and stance.
Maybe you could help with some pictures or ideas for those of us with this difficulty?
Fucking A. Good comments.

Nate, I agree with the theft aspect. That's why I wouldn't consider using an AR as a truck gun.

Dennis, that is a difficult situation. My father is right-handed. I'm having dinner over there tonight and will ask him if he's got any tips for parents with gimp children (as he has me for a son.)

If you are looking for cheap .30 carbine, I recommend Georgia Arms. At $170 for 1000, it is very reasonable. Reloading is the way to go in the long run though.

I recently bought an Auto Ordnance M1 carbine. It is a hoot to shoot, but I have had to clean up the extractor and ejector a bit to get them reliable.
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