Saturday, September 24, 2005

NO and my job (and blog pussies) & guns

I've said this before and I will repeat it; I'm an insurance adjuster. In the wake of the sudden paranoia about actually using your Christian name as opposed to some limp-dick psuedonym like "Gun Guy", I will state that my name is Benjamin Hopkins and I live in Albuquerque, NM. If you find the time to look me up, give advance warning.

The anti-pussy disclaimer being done, I know a fellow adjuster who is going to Mississippi. His wife called me wondering what to do with the miscellaneous shit left behind. I understand the man's motivation, as you can make a shitload of money working catastrophe claims. I've been there and done it, but not to the the degree that the current situation presents.

The man in question is the only adjuster I know who doesn't keep something in his glove box or center console. The first thing his wife said was that she thought he should be packing if he is going anywhere near that shit.

Would you? (and if you comment, don't feel the need to show any balls and state your name.)
Or are you smart enough not to be an insurance adjuster in the first place?

I'm smart enough to not be an insurance adjuster, but I still have 'something' on my hip or in the console at all times.

You're friend should be packing.
Your friend should be packing.

In the console, and in the glove box, and under the seat, and in the trunk...

PS: I normally sign as Freddyboomboom...
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