Tuesday, September 06, 2005


We are so worried about gettting people out of NO, I think that it is time that we start worrying about people coming INTO NO.

NO is now for all practical puposes an "Open City" - in WWII terms. Think about all the curency, jewelry, cars, other portable property that is just sitting there. Think about all of the banks that are under 3 feet of water just waiting for someone with a little gumption to come in and take what is there. Think about all the safe deposit boxes just sitting there. Think about all the cars parked on the street there for the taking (shipped off to Mexico for spare parts, they don't even have to run.

The problem in the coming weeks is going to be establishing a perimeter for the city - basically a military perimeter. If I can think of this, there are criminals all over the country renting U-Haul trucks and car carriers and heading for NO. The city is WIDE OPEN.

They are coming from Detroit, Chicago, LA, New York and Mexico to take what they can get away with. You ain't seen nothin yet.

The problem in the coming weeks is not going to be the refugees, but rather the infragees.

The Old Man

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