Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Music Meme

Jeff at Alphecca has chosen to burden me with a new meme (I'm not complaining, as a link from him usually doubles the traffic on this blog, until the new readership starts to hate me.)

I hadn't seen this meme before being tagged with it:

1) How much music do I have?

Probably about 1,000 CDs, give or take a hundred. Another 200 tapes that I have not yet gotten around to replacing with digital media. No vinyl as I'm a bit of a young guy.

2) What was the last CD I bought?

Two Skinny Puppy CD's: Too Dark Park and Last Rights. Same Amazon order.

3) What am I listening to right now?

"Too Bad About the Fire" by Jesus Lizard.

4) Five songs I listen to that mean a lot to me?

"I Am The Resurrection" by the Stone Roses, "Sweet Virginia" by the Rolling Stones, "Archangel" by Samhain, "Sunny" performed by Stanley Turentine, and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John.

There's a lot of classical and other shit, but it is not as easily delineated as pop tunes are.

5) I’m passing this meme on to:

Kirk at Limpidity, as he hasn't posted or emailed in awhile;

AnalogKid at RandomNuclearStrikes, as he is one of my favorites nowadays;

and Joe Huffman. I just can't see him having a big Styx collection that he rocks out to on Saturday nights.

Meme challenge accepted. Answers Tuesday.
Grrrr, blogger!

My response is up... You need to update yours by the way...
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