Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Finalized Springfield

As we previously reported, we scored a CMP Springfield 1903A3. It was a pretty shite state of affairs when it showed, as it had about 20 pounds of cosmoline on and in it.

I cleaned up the receiver, barrel, and bolt (i.e. metal), while the Old Man undertook the wood restoration. The wood took longer, as his plan to sweat the cosmoline out stumbled a bit when the weather turned overcast when he set it out.

It's done and it's a great shooter. Discussions have taken place about scoping it and using it as a back-up rifle for Boomershoot 2006. We got it out to a 300 yard 12" gong, with little or no adjustments to sights.

If you've got $400 in disposable income, buy one.

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