Sunday, September 25, 2005

Delayed Range Report

I haven't done a range report in a month or so. There is good reason for this. Both the Old Man and I have our rifles for the 2006 Boomershoot. His is a Remington Classic chambered in .308 and mine is a LH .308 Remington BDL. Both have 30mm Leupold M4 scopes with mil-dot reticles. Getting the Old Man's Classic and the scopes mounted took awhile.

Needless to say, the 100 yard zero took no time at all. Taking that to a 200 yard zero wasn't that big of a deal either.

One day I miscalled a gong that was at 600 yards and told him it was 400. He tried to crank the scope up to that and the ballistics charts, produced by Modern Ballistics, made no sense.

Well work got a little fucked up (as it is wont to do) and the next couple of times we went out the wind was blowing like Ron Jeremy's...well, you know. We ended up firing AR's and Garands at mid-range. One day we had the classic line from an old-timer. You know the one: "Well, til' you guys pulled up, it was as calm as Jenna Jameson getting 50...{well you know}. Now its getting rough and we're heading out."

Thursday we had the perfect day. No wind, cool, light cloud cover, though the mirage was still a bitch (if anyone has more info on this please email me.) We got zeros down at 400 yards within a half hour for both rifles.

Walked away satisfied. Posted above are the best groups we pulled. The Old Man thinks these are nothing to brag about. But, isofar as zeroing a rifle, I have no complaints.

Not sure where you are shooting, but If you've got access to hilly terrain during the summer, try shooting from one slope to another, it really negates any head miraging you might be experiencing. Good exercise in preparation for hunting season as well!
I will be rebarreling Barney for Boomershoot/Precision rifle class 2006

My Meme/Rant response will be up by the end of today...
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