Sunday, July 17, 2005

Surplus Surplus and What To Do With It

Awhile ago, CowboyBlob and I were having a discussion about possible uses for all of the extra ammo cans one inevitably ends up with when shooting mil-surp. Ideas ran the gamut from storing your socks in them with desiccant, so you always have a nice dry pair of socks, to other more wild speculations.

The old man once saw a house up in Northern New Mexico where some crazy fucker had taken ammo cans, filled them with gravel, and mortared them together to make a house. Apparently stucco took to the cans without a problem.

With the recent (now ended) glut of Australian surp that's been available, the old man was faced with a new quandary: what the fuck to do with the actual ammo crates.

It took some machinations, but his wife is redoing their entire house, one small expensive bit at a time. They decided they are going to share a "rec room." Half of it will be a potting thing for my his wife and the other half will be a general firearm maintenance center. He already has a reloading bench set up in the garage, so this would be for cleaning, light gunsmithing, etc.

What concessions he made I don't know, but he has found a useful, environmentally friendly place for some of those crates.

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