Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Good day

Got a shitload of work stuff settled out today. It was all hairy and sucked and sucked so bad, it needs no further qualification.

Talked to an associate in London who is freaked the fuck out. It's been awhile, I guess, since any serious IRA shit happening. The 14 days interspersed with 2 bombings has those poor people freaked.

After that, I received an order with the rest of my loading shit in it (case trimmer, primer pocket cleaner, etc.) For those of you that have been reloading since Arthur pulled a knife out of a rock, this is probably not momentous news. I am very eager to start trying to perfect a match load in several calibers.

Then I sat back and smoked a cigarette and looked out the window at the mountains, content in the fact that I'd scored some cool shit.

Much to my surprise, my FFL called several minutes later to inform me that the RRA lower I had ordered last Wednesday was in. Transaction took about 5 minutes and it's a pretty lower (as much as they can be, at least.)

All in all, no real bitches about Tuesday.

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