Thursday, May 26, 2005

Trigger Jobs

I've noticed that, increasingly, it is impossible to get a decent trigger job out of a retail gunsmith. You need to "know someone" so that they are comfortable.

I don't blame them. This is a logical conclusion to the ever increasing legal blanket called "gun liability." I like to keep lawyers fed, as do the rest of you, I'm sure, but when it hits the point where a fucker is not willing to give you a 2# trigger you request, something is seriously awry. For the record, I don't have a wife, so I can't shoot her.

As I stated, I took the .270 Winchester 70 into the shop to cure it's horrendous trigger (worse than two stage military triggers.) I picked it up this morning (and scared the shit out employees) and checked out the trigger, dry.

It is maybe down to 5 pounds and me being the flinchy fucker I am, that won't do.

I'm taking it to a new gunsmith and plan on figuring out how to do it on my own in the future (and don't tell me I'll void the waranty, I don't care.)

Hi Benjamin.

Nothing against learning how to do your own trigger jobs -- hey, nearly everyone ought to learn how to work on stuff like that. But have you considered installing an aftermarket trigger from, e.g. Timney or Canjar.

Weirdly enough, analoguekid emailed me with the same recommendation. He was saying that trigger jobs are limited, in that, you can go to far or too easy and correcting is a pain.

It had never occurred to me to just replace the trigger assembly.

As bad as stock triggers are coming nowadays, I need to figure out something that isn't going to involve a lot of smithing on my part or letting somebody have the rifle for an extended period of time.

You've reinforced the point and I think that's what I'll start looking at.

Thanks and regards,

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