Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars and Radical Islam

Screw the Newsweek meme that has obscured everything in the entire country including the Idaho abductions and the judiciary argument in the Senate. As long as bloggers have somebody to bash, they will ignore the more important issues at hand.

That being said, the new Star Wars film is out. I'm waiting for DVD, as Podhoretz and the Puppy-Blender have both shat on it. I have great respect for both of their opinions on this matter, as I have been reading them long enough to understand that they are unreformed geeks. This is one of the few areas where getting de-pantsed in middle school gives you a unique qualification in pontificating on Lucas' latest piece of shit.

I was thinking the other night about the white-uniformed, wrinkly red guy who commanded the Rebellion in Return of the Jedi, Admiral Akbar. Whenever I see a loony-toon terrorist chanting "Alluah-Akbar", or whatever shit they spout when they are beating women or chopping off heads or undergoing any of the other moderate leisurely activities the Religion of Peace affords them, I often wonder why that pimply-headed commander was actually given the name "Akbar" by Lucas?

I'm no linguist, but from what I understand, "Alluah Akbar" means "God is Bitchin'." I assume the Alluah is the God reference and may include the operable verb in the phrase, so one would assume that "Akbar" is the "great" part.

Does this mean something or should I pick up another hobby that gets a better hit-count than a gun-blog?

While I'm nowhere in the league of the aforementioned geeks, when I was 9 I did save up proofs of purchases until I mailed off for my Admiral Akbar figure, who was, then, only available through this offer.

Although a minor character in a series that has landed it's X-wing right in the shitter, the admiral has had me thinking for the past couple of years.

Save your money. Tomorrow is Friday, and that's a good thing.

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