Sunday, May 29, 2005


Above is a picture of my brother's target from an indoor range. He was shooting at 15 yards with a gun he'd never shot before, using white-box ammo. Not too shabby. The gun is a CZ-75BD. I guess the fucker is related to me because he had orders for custom grips and hi-caps in before he shot the gun. Of course, he is claiming that this is the only gun he will ever own. I said the same thing at one point and look at how that turned out.

Additionally, I got a referral from a site I have never heard of last week: Looks like the site is under construction, but whoever is behind is looks to be putting together a very useful resource. Check them out, because it looks like they will only get better.

It's been awhile since I posted on the Chai Vang incident, but that was a turning point for me as a blogger. I never realized the ire one could attract by having an opinion and God forbid if it is an opinion on race-relations or the media's view of it. Needless to say, I have held off on that sort of commentary, especially since I got so technically driven before Boomershoot.

Well it's been googled to death and I still get hate-mail regularly. Someone decided to elevate the discourse on Thursday and sent me this eloquent piece of writing that really brings home his point, in a philisophical manner, while still maintaining his robust roots:

ya crackers in sawyer county gotta quit hatin on chai vang, because look at
jeffery dahmer that fucken whiteboy killed how many people and you guys said he
was just insaned, get out of here with that shit, sure it's ok for a piece of
white shit to kill but now a colored person shit fuck that, not that i hate all
white people, but the ones who talk shit can suck these nuts bitch, and what the
fuck is with this fucken sticker saying "save a deer kill a hmong", it should be
more like "save some beef and pork and eat a person", hahahahahah damn jeffery
dahmer looking ass

To all 35 regular readers I have, please keep sending your feedback. I started to realize that comments are not something to thumb your nose at. There are a wide variety of pithy opinions out there that can change the way I view the world and my fellow man.


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