Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Patriotism: What It Is and Isn't

I had a moderately crappy to horrendously shitty day at work today, depending on what your used to. The Old Man decided to capitalize on this shining moment of victory to send me a link to one of the most disgusting sites I've ever seen. Forsake The Troops.

For several hours, rage prevented me from speaking on this topic. Then I went into the analytical mode, which lasted several minutes until I was totally ripshit again.

Soldiers are something to be admired and their sacrafices recompensed as well as can be in a physical world.

The line between dissent and sedition seems to be thinner and thinner everytime one of the jerk-offs decides he's got something brilliant to say that shits on this country. Nobody's really burned flags in the US since the 80's. They've found more disgusting ways to trash this country.

To wit, the genius behind this revelation is one Michael Crook. The pantywaist doesn't post an email address, so think of him the next time you're throwing flowers in the air or stepping in shit.

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