Wednesday, May 18, 2005


It has come to my attention, since I returned from Idaho, that the state regulatory body that governs the industry I operate in has become interested in putting me and mine out of business.

This isn't a result of some gross negligence on the part of me or my company. We've run into a minimum wage beareaucrat who has decided that her demands are above law and regulation, and that revamping either of the latter two would just be kow-towing to a lowly private sector firm.

As such, unreasonable demands have been made, some of which require our securing copies of records over 2 years old. We have also been advised (though not in writing) that if we fail to comply with arbitrary demands from this agency we will be subjected to an audit, i.e. scrutiny that is usually used in the case of some suspected intransigence.

While we have quoted statute and regulation to the letter in our defense, it seems that as a private enterprise, gummint can just fuck with us in anyway an $8.50 an hour employee sees fit. Needless to say, this beareaucrat is unqualified in the position she is in, in this state, if you fucked the right people in high school, you are guaranteed a job for life and a comfy government pension when you retire at 55.

Now, you may suspect where this is leading. At every juncture of my life, from being a 15-year old liberal who was against the Gulf war to being a 30-year old business owner who just got back from MY FIRST VACATION IN FIVE YEARS, the gummint seems to want to fuck me at every intersection.

They tell me what kind of toilet I can have, what kind of car I can drive, and what kind of gun I can own. For this service, I get taxed at an exhorbitant rate.

I've tried to stay calm, lately, but it isn't fucking working.

They're not content to rob me and dictate my behavior, they now want to put me out of business.

Fuck being moderate.

I've gotten a lawyer for our firm and have tried to play footsie.

You can't do it with government. They don't give a shit that we've created 2 jobs in under two years. They don't give a shit that we pay a phenomenal amount of money to the state corporately (i.e. before they take me behind the barn and fuck me personally.)

They sit in their offices and tell you what the fuck you can and can't do and to what degree you can commit or omit. You can't smoke marijuana in your house but you better put on a fucking seat belt.

I have hit my breaking point. I will continue to vote and probably vote Republican. I obey laws, etc. I've just finally come to the conclusion that the experiment the founders engaged in has fallens so far foul after 230 years that the ship of state will never turn around.

And while we become a Euro-nanny state, they will make damn sure you as an individual, corporation, or any other entity will fail, because they will punish you severely if you try to succeed.

This is not what I had in mind.

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