Monday, May 09, 2005

Fuck our Grandfathers

The Old Man has insidiously sent me a link that he knew would send me into unbridled rage.

Some asshole (who is a professor at Cambridge, just so you know he's smarter than you) published an editorial in the Guardian saying that the US set the stage for systemic rape during war time. He piles on with a lot of other horseshit, but comes back around to the FACT that our soldiers carried out over 10,000 rapes during WWII.

You may ask where Fucknut gets his data. Well you should, but I can't tell you where a bag of shit like this is pulling numbers from. He might have had a dream/revelation about it last night. Regardless, BELIEVE HIM because he's a Marxist douche-bag who probably couldn't make a living being a fry-cook.

I'm only posting one quote as you will either read the whole thing or do what's smart, and avoid it to lengthen you life span. Here goes:

War has a brutalising momentum. This is the moral of Taken By Force, which
showshow American soldiers became increasingly indiscriminate in their
sexualviolence and military authorities increasingly lax in its prosecution.
Even aswe remember the evils of nazism, and the courage of those who defeated
it, weshould begin to remember the second world war with less self-
satisfaction. Wemight, in particular, learn to distrust those who use it to
justify contemporarywarmongering

I think this prick has a brutalising momentum that brings me close to nausea. If anybody can send me any data about rape stats for WWII I'd be interested in looking at them.

In the mean time, I have to find this enlightened man's email.

I've no idea about the stats, but there were millions of Americans in uniform in that war, and probably close to 1 million that were in chaotic situations where it would be easy to get away with rape - for three or four years. If there were only 10,000 rapes out of all those troops, then I think we had one of the best disciplined and best behaved armies ever. (That's probably only about 1,000 rapists out of millions of troops, since I suspect those who were so inclined would attempt it many times, and usually get away with it.)
Honored to help

This article said this

"(Richard Drayton is senior lecturer in history at Cambridge University.) "

And here is his page with all the info you want.

"Teaching Interests

History of Imperialism, Nationalism, and the postcolonial order; modern British history; history of science; Caribbean history

it keeps cutting the end off

I did email Mr. Drayton, but failed to keep my copy. I think based on the post, you can guess the tone and content. Mr. Drayton deigned to respond with this:

"You do need to learn to read more carefully. The reference to over 10,000 rapes comes from your compatriot Professor Lilly's book (which is based on the JAG archives of the US Army)

Perhaps if you actually read my article you might actually get the point. Or perhaps not."

I don't know who professor Lilly is and I haven't read his book. I read Shitbird's editorial thoroughly and think he is full of crap.

In any case, thank you for the additional background on Mr. Drayton, Gunner.

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