Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Final Wrap-Up

Boomershoot was brilliant. It was the best vacation I've ever taken. I met tons of interesting people and did some weird shit (even outside of shooting explosives.) It took me two days to drive back and the whole time I thought I would have some epic post on the experience.

I've been back for over four days and really haven't gotten into it. I stated that it was brilliant and that I was happy with myself and my rifle, but outside of that I haven't commented.

The reason is that, much like any intense experience, I did some shit and talked some shit that I'm not willing to repeat. 90% of the vacation is crap I'm not willing to share for a variety of reasons (I got drunk a few times, there are coversations that took place between people, and some things I need to handle in private.)

So, in all honesty, it was the best trip I've had, but I'm not willing to discuss at any length.

Kirk, AnalogKid, Fishorman, Kim, and Joe have plenty of info.

Other than that, something should piss me off soon. If nothing else, I'm a patient man.

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