Thursday, May 12, 2005

Boomershoot News video

Jason was good enough to record and post the video. That being said, I still think the characterization is somewhat disengenuous. While they try to paint the participant as normal, they seem to link it to carpal tunnal disease and office-weariness.

I didn't go because my wrist started hurting. I didn't go to blow up an old computer. I went to hone skills.

The media will never undersand the desire to hit a 1" target at 100 yards, or why you would want to kill Bambi. When you are talking about targets at 400+ yards, the disparity in thought is inevitable.

The Seattle outfit did a good job of observing that we are normal people; the shit that pissed me off is the pre-supposition that we are working off our angst from a malfunctioning Xerox machine.

I won't speak for anybody else, but I'm not exorcising the ghost of Xerox past. I was there to hit shit at the longest possible distance my skill and equipment afforded me.

You have a valid point for probably the majority of the participants. But from the standpoint of dealing with the general public and in being a thorn in the side of the gun fear wussies they put ten rounds through the X-ring at 1000 yards for us. Those four minutes and 29 seconds of video will have repercussions for the anti-gun bigots for years--all without detracting from your goals or any of the other participants.

Although I agree with you personally, I'm inclined to believe that now we get better mileage by appearing to the public as mild mannered accountants, rather than Minutemen in training.

I do agree about the focus on Stephanie blowing up her computer. If she wants to do that, fine - but it sure wasn't the focus of the event. Personally, I think shit like that is purely silly.
Whine, whine, whine. Benjamin, Mike: you’re beginning to sound like liberals.


No media coverage is perfect. What KING 5 NBC aired is damn good, especially considering that their average viewer is probably a Seattle-area socialist. The vast majority of their viewers have _never shot a gun, period_ – just like the NBC reporter who’d never shot a gun (well, prior to her visit to Boomershoot, she’d never shot a gun.)

After NBC’s Boomershoot feature, THOUSANDS of virgin shooters are now pondering learning how to shoot. That, my friend, is PROGRESS.

Before you pick apart the media, or, in particular, the KING 5 story, consider their target audience. The average Seattle viewer works in an office job at a big, big, big computer company. Therefore, footage of someone blowing up a computer makes big, big, big sense.

Leave the story of the ballistic trials and tribulations of Gun PhD Benjamin Reasonablenut to the specialty media venues, such as Precision Shooting or Rifle Shooter magazines. Such a story would be very unappealing to the average Seattler, but would be well-understood by firearms aficionados.

You are right, in as much, as I have been somewhat pissy lately (refer to subsequent post.)

As far as media, I stopped giving a shit in 2000, and nothing they can do will redeem themselves to my satisfaction.

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