Sunday, May 22, 2005

Back to Long Range...

Last Thursday was range day. My brother is buying a gun so I spent some time with him on fundamentals. It's amazing how much somebody improves when they are actually paying attention.

Outside of that, me and the Old Man sighted .22s and hip-fired his Thompson, which was a shitload of fun.

Upon returning, we had a message from our FFL that my Remington 700 BDL LH .308 was in. We returned from the range at 4:25, departed for the FFL at 4:35, and were back in time to crack a beer when the 5 o'clock whistle blew.

Now you may think that this rifle is not an ideal long range rifle and you would be right. But you are probably not left handed. This rifle is one of two that Remington produces in the .308 caliber for southpaws. I very much liked the classic wood stock, as it contradicts the current doctrine that wood stocks suck. I own several fibreglass stocks and am perfectly happy with them, except for the fact that they are ugly.

This is the best platform I found for a Remington action and I plan on re-barreling it and then fucking with it from there. There are Savage people out there:

But I decided to stick with the 700 platform. Or as a military friend of mine stated, "I hear the Savage shoots well, I just can't get over how ugly they are."

This rifle may change a bit over the next twelve months, but I would very much like to keep the stock intact. One can buy temporary cheek-rests and the like, and I have become a lot less flinchy with large calibers over the last six months.

The barrel I'm planning on is a 26" Krieger, or something as long, but less expensive. AnalogKid is recommending I go with a 30", which I will need to ponder.

In the mean time, I need to get it re-barreled and then scoped. I am unsure of whether to mount the Leupold M4 I used at BS 2005 or to take the dive and score a Nightforce.

Any suggestions as to glass or barrel-length would be appreciated.

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