Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tax Rage, et. al.

Not to get too ripshit over the fact that I'm being screwed on a daily basis (I did my taxes last weekend), the way people think about this is ridiculous.

From a Washington Post editorial on the proposed permanent repeal of the estate tax:

"In other words, no one but the richest Americans would be asked to pay estate

Where the hell they come up with being "asked" to pay taxes, is beyond me. While I obligingly picked up the soap when I did taxes last Saturday, it sure as shit did not feel like anyone was asking me, "Perchance, Ben, would it be acceptable for me to sodomize you while you are picking up the vehicle of my cleanlieness?" If a memo went out about "asking" me, I didn't get it.

It doesn't stop there. E.J. Dionne, who is a liberal I can usually respect to some degree comes up with this humdinger in his unusally moronic column today:

Counting both revenue losses and added interest costs, complete repeal of the
estate tax would cost the government close to $1 trillion between 2012 and 2021,
according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Let's understand that nothing costs the government anything. They do not need to maintain a bottom line. If payroll becomes a problem they raid the "Social Security Lockbox", which I guess is my retirement. Their funding comes from "asking" people to contribute to their continued power to spend money on shit like the Robert C. Byrd Memorial Dildo in downtown, Nowhere, WV. Shit doesn't cost them anything, they may just be limited by how much they are able to "ask" you to contribute to such noble causes.

Taxes are why I became a conservative/(small-l) libertarian to begin with. The fact that these people cannot even understand a position such as my own, where we don't "fix" shit and tax cuts don't "cost" the government, is ludicrous. These people are socialists bent on nationalizing every possible thing that exists.

For you young'uns out there, they also belong to the AARP while writing this cretinous crap from some tall building in New York City. And if you haven't figured out the MO, it's to pay for their retirement while robbing you blind.

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