Thursday, April 28, 2005

Post from North Central Idaho

I arrived in Orofino Idaho on Monday night. Since then, I've been a bit of a lazy shit.

On the first night I made a new friend at a bar near the hotel. His name is Victor. He's a former pipefitter, who is a big Rolling Stones fan, on 12 prescriptions and likes to drink a lot. This bar is the only one in town open past 8 0'clock. Being in a new state, I'm always quickly interested in what the package laws are, as I generally don't like drinking with people like Victor. The easiest way to ascertain the law is not the net, or a lawyer, or a local drinker; you ask a barmaid who probably had to study this shit like it was the Bible.

Sure as shit, the barmaid explained package, hard shit, state stores, etc. At some point after that, the barmaid and I were discussing the local depression in the logging business when my new Native American friend fell backwards off of his barstool and tried to plant a hole in the wall with his head.

Needless to say, I spent the last couple of days just sleeping, drinking, and reading.

Today, however, Kirk showed up, I got to go plant target stakes and met AnalogKid, The Son & Heir (whose name I actually know now), and Kim DuToit.

All in all, I very satisfying day. Tomorrow should be even better.

Note: the internet connection sucks now, so I did not link to anybody or try any other schenanigans. If things improve, we might have stills or video by the weekend.

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