Saturday, April 02, 2005

Gun Control

A range report is forthcoming, and a good one at that.

Otherwise, I really do tire of the gun control debate. The other side has not once provided any factual documentation that there is a reasonable return on such regulation.

I generally don't argue it because I don't like listing statistics and arguing minutia. And I don't like reading and don't trust government reports.

Joe, on the other hand, seems to view these discussions as an opportunity to educate. More power to him, I don't have the patience. He has had a spirited discussion with a gentleman who is strongly against private ownership of any kind.

It's worth reading if you like to argue this sort of thing.

UPDATE: Henry has responded twice in Joe's thread. I may have mischaracterized his stance by saying he was against private ownership, as he responed thus:

Where did you get the idea that I am against private ownership of any kind?

Let's just chalk it up to the flavor of his argument. I will hold off on categorizing him until he responds to the question I posted about the outer limits of infringement and where he thinks those should be.

UPDATE II: Please disregard my characterization of Henry. I don't really know what he thinks. It was unfair and off-sides to state that he was against private ownership. I asked him to state his position and he has yet to do so.

UPDATE Ad Nauseum: Henry answered the question:

a) Registration of firearms and firearm transfers - similar to the registration system relating to automobiles, and with similar consequences concerning the liability for civil or criminal misuse or negligence by the owner and by whoever the ower permits to use the weapon.
b) Licensing of people to possess a weapon, and restrictions on circumstances when the weapon may be carried -- again similar to automobile driver licensing. Whether a license is issued to a person and what, if any, restrictions are on the license would depend upon whether the person has the requisite training and whether the person's physicial or mental or behavior characteristics demonstrate that he or she is unable to properly use a weapon or is so unstable as to present a serious risk to himself or to others or has a criminal background that traditionally has been held to disqualify him from public trust.
c) Some types of firearms should be barred from private ownership or use because they are so far removed from leigitimate hunting as to be unsportsmanlike and because their firepower can cause such grave mass destruction to human life that their availability to the private sector is not warranted.
d. Apart from licensing restrictions, of the type already noted, there should be designated places where firearms should be absolutely barred from being carried on the person of private persons. For example, schools, planes, court houses and other places of strong public debate and dispute.

I find it mostly a waste of time to debate people like Henry. They expect us to compromise and I feel that too much has been compromised already. In fact, most, if not all, gun control needs to be rolled back and ended. It is useless and the people it does disarm(law abiding types) weren't a problem in the first place.

You are completely correct. It's only been 4 days of back and forth and my head is starting to hurt from all of the banging against the wall I've been utilizing it for.

For the record, I'm a "no compromise" guy. The AWB passed when I didn't know SH** from Shinola. When it expired, I felt like I had a bit more liberty.

Old liberals are like old dogs.
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