Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Five Question Thing

I have no idea where this practice originated, but this whole "ask another blogger 5 questions" thing has been rampant lately. I thought I was going to avoid the whole thing but then Kirk went ahead and put me and The AnalogKid on the spot. So here it is.

1) Living in the southwest, do you find that it is easy to find places to shoot?

Lately, no. We never used to have to bother with a range as there are plenty of arroyos west of town with 12 foot tall clay walls. Then the county passed a ordnance that basically just stated that people couldn't shoot where we shoot.

After that, I had a friend who had nice long narrow piece of land with a berm at the end. You could shoot out to 200 yards and nobody much minded. About a year ago Christmas, some retired jerkoff from one of the coasts started building a house on the adjacent lot. The first time he heard gunshots he came over and that was the end of that.

Last summer, we finally joined a club with formal ranges.

Let me point out that I live in the northern part of the state and that things are a bit laxer (more Republican) the further south you go. One has to remember that New Mexico was the sole blue state in a sea of red in the 2000 election.

Additionally, the old man cranked out a survey. It seems that those in the southwest seem to drive further to get to a range.

2) Do you enjoy being self employed? and if so what is the most rewarding part of your job?

Very much so, outside of taxes accounting, taxes, regulation, taxes, etc. The one downside is the worry that goes into it at certain points.

I find that being able to turn down clients who suck and being able to pack it up and shoot on a Wednesday afternoon are both pretty rewarding.

3) How long have you been a Firearms enthusiast and what made you start procuring firearms?

I've shot and off since my youth, but I wouldn't have considered myself an enthusiast up until two years ago. At the time, I was working a job with a real gun nut. After the job was finished, I found that me and this guy still hung out quite a bit and inevitably he took me shooting. After that I met his son, who convinced me to buy my first gun, a Glock 17.

It's all been downhill from there.

4) What is motivating you to go to boomershoot (besides me)?

Outside of you? My father. He wants me to check out and let him know so he can plan on next year.

Other than that, long-range shooting is something I've never been into before and the crash course that has ensued since my decision to go has been a shitload of fun.

Also, as you mention in one of your first posts on Boomershoot, I'm not big on team shit or competition for that matter.

Finally, and not to be a dick, but have you heard that shit actually blows up at Boomershoot?

5) Iron or Glass and why???

This is the one question I'm going to be squishy on by saying both. Previous to the Boomershoot prep, I probably split my time evenly between the two. Leaving pistols out of it, I love shooting a bog standard AR-15 A4 set-up with peep sights. And given the amount of money I've blown on glass in the last 4 months, I don't think one can argue with my commitment to good optics.

I hope I've done an alright job of answering Barney-killer's questions.

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