Friday, April 22, 2005

Final Boomershoot Post

This is it. I am leaving Sunday morning with a whole buttload of accoutrements.

When I get back, I will probably resume some kind of political commentary and general gun shit, as opposed to the uninterrupted Boomershoot monologue that has been going on for months now.

Don't get me wrong, the old man has his Boomershoot rifle on order and will probably be one of the first fuckers who reserves a spot; so, it seems, the topic may never disappear. That's fine. I almost prefer writing for an empty theatre, as there is lot less criticism.

We did the last range day yesterday. I was gonging shit at 600, which is about where I want to be.

The old man, however, was doing his Big Boy Henry .44. Fucking thing was ultra-accurate to 200 yards, if he was concentrating, and he was planting them around the steel plate at 400 yards. One of the rifles I very much look forward to is the Henry. The ease of operation and its out of the box accuracy cannot be beat.

I leave on Sunday and plan on spending 2-2/2 days on this trip. They probably have a like plan for shopping. I want to rest.

Once I am out there, Kirk will provide the services of a remote machine.

In the mean time, the old man has plenty of shit to talk about, which I hope he will.

Well now that the boy is out of town we want to see some quality posts. Got to see if you can class this joint up...

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