Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Delayed Range Report

We were out Friday, and it's now Tuesday night.

I've now got the .30-06 to a 400 yard zero, utilizing less than 10 MOA. It zeroed off of a ballistic sheet produced by Joe's outstanding program, which is currently shareware I might add, and I ended up gonging a 3-shot group. Hopefully I will put it on paper tomorrow and see just how wide the group is at that range.

The old man brought out the Henry. For a pistol cartridge with iron sights, it was somewhat amazing that he was reaching out to 200 yards.

I hadn't notice that it was approved by those twats at SASS. I guess I'm going to have to give him some shit. Regardless, this is a really good shooter up to 200 yards.

Other than that, we tried out our new BAG guns, which we can't disclose for the time being, and I did some pretty good shooting with the old man's Ruger Redhawk, which is a rarity.

The next report should be more timely and fresh in my mind.

Otherwise, never argue with a lawyer named Henry. And if you value the time you have on this planet, you will not touch that hyperlink. My head's starting to hurt after the last three days I've insisted on banging it on brick walls.

Otherwise, it's less than 4 weeks until Boomershoot.

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