Monday, April 11, 2005

Crapping on Krugman

Have you ever noticed that the more insane Paul Krugman gets, the bigger his picture is on the website?

And he's not exactly a handsome devil, at that.

In his usual fashion, he has an extraordinarily moronic piece in the NYTs today.

First off, I have never understood this man, insofar as he does not understand conservatism. He thinks Dems and Reps are just trying to fix fucked up shit and jockeying for votes in the mean time. Maybe being in New York, it's hard to understand a philosophy like my own: I don't want to fix it, I want to get rid of it.

I did my taxes this weekend and, being a business-owner, my cornhole was raw and bleeding by the time I got done. This jerk-off thinks I should get ass-fucked a little more to support people who don't do shit.

Well-informed business executives agree. A recent survey of chief financial
officers at major corporations found that 65 percent regard immediate action on
health care costs as "very important." Only 31 percent said the same about
Social Security reform.

What the fuck is this? "Well-informed business executives agree" that McDonald's has the best fries? They agree that a global government would be worth a shot? By the by, who are these fuckers? Did Krugman give them some change on his way to the subway?

Notice that I said "health care reform," not "Medicare reform." The rising cost
of Medicare may loom large in political discussion, because it's a government
program (and because it's often, wrongly, lumped together with Social Security
by the crisis-mongers), but this isn't a story of runaway government spending.
The costs of Medicare and of private health plans are both rising much faster
than G.D.P. per capita, and at about the same rate per enrollee.

Notice that he's not talking about jacking with entitlement programs, he wants to jack with the market. The fact that government should pay for healthcare is indisputable in his mind. The question is how to rip off the private market.

For example, Medicare recently started paying for implanted cardiac devices in
many patients with heart trouble, now that research has shown them to be highly
effective. This is good news, not bad.

Now if I'm not mistaken, Mr. Krugman has just contradicted himself. The problem is absolutely not runaway entitlement programs, but in the next paragraph he cites a recently added benefit. This guy shouldn't be writing for my local newspaper. He seems to be permanently detached from any kind of reality. I'd like to live in an ivory tower someday (I bet your asshole hurts a lot less after paying taxes.)

...rising Medicare spending may be a sign of progress, but it still must be paid
for - and right now few politicians are willing to talk about the tax increases
that will be needed if the program is to make medical advances available to all
older Americans.

In case this point has been missed, I will state it plainly: Fuck older Americans. Why is the idea of paying for shit yourself so fucking alien? I can't walk into a 7-11 and get a candy-bar for free because I think it's my right. The only thing that makes medical advances possible is free markets, not the billions the government robs from its own citizens. If you think the cure for AIDS is going to come from some government lab, you are sorely mistaken. Some private genius will come up with it and make more money than Bill Gates, as he should.

Finally, the U.S. health care system is wildly inefficient. Americans tend to
believe that we have the best health care system in the world. (I've encountered
members of the journalistic elite who flatly refuse to believe that France ranks
much better on most measures of health care quality than the United States.) But
it isn't true. We spend far more per person on health care than any other
country - 75 percent more than Canada or France - yet rank near the bottom among
industrial countries in indicators from life expectancy to infant mortality.

Well, anybody who believes that a nation that let 7,000 old fucks boil to death while they took a vacation has a more advanced health-care system than us is just fucking stupid. Of course, Krugman's sources (which he doesn't cite) and statistics (which he doesn't cite) may be true, for all I know. But life-expectancy statistics as they stand, I'd rather die quietly in my sleep than be cooked to death in some shitty French apartment.

To get effective reform, however, we'll need to shed some preconceptions - in
particular, the ideologically driven belief that government is always the
problem and market competition is always the solution.

Let's just let the government decide who gets air-conditioning and health-care and feeding-tubes, because that's why we have government. FUCK waging war, which is the only thing I'm happy about paying for. Krugman wouldn't agree that Bushitler's illegal war on Wherever would be a suitable use of taxpayer dollars but paying for every old fuck that lives too long (and we don't deliberately boil to death, like the French do) to get their bedsores looked at twice a week is entirely legitimate.

I'll close with Krugman's final promise (for what that's worth; he's been solving the world's problems for a decade and I haven't seen much improvement from his input), without an anecdotal comments:

Over the next few weeks I'll back up these assertions, and talk about what
a workable health care reform might look like, if we can get ideology out of the

UPDATE: Head is pissed off as well.

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