Sunday, March 27, 2005


Kirk and I have been discussing the benefits of adjustable mounts et al. in regards to long range shooting. I have always held that hardware has innate limitations. At some point your scope or sight system will max out and you have to be adjusting visually from there.

I don't think that tactical turrets can be twisted to give you a zero at whatever range you are shooting at.

My question would be, that given these limitations, what would you set your zero at if you are shooting from 400-800 yards?

And no, this has nothing to do with Boomershoot, rest assured.

This conversation/post was inspired by Gene's update here.

With the proper ammo, mount, and scope I can get a point of aim zero from 4 yards to 1400 at sea level. At Boomershoot conditions I can get out to 1500 yards. The ammo is Berger .30 caliber, 210 grain VLD bullet, leaving the muzzle at 2916 fps.

Tactical knobs adjustment are wonderful.

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