Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Zero, Redux

As I mentioned earlier, I broke my cherry on iron sights, so I tend to compensate visually.

In long range shooting, this is not the common wisdom. Gene has stripped this argument down to a sheerly optical one, which I understand. It seems that you should be able to put your reticle at your POI, just like you adjust the blender when you're mixing margaritas.

I've spent time and thought on this argument and have finally caved.

Tomorrow I'm going to try the tunnel (scroll down to see the Zero-Wind tunnel in that link.) I will defer to the more senior, experienced shooters, of which Gene is definitely one. I've yet to use my tactical knobs, opting for visual compensation. The tunnel should give me a perfect windage zero, from which I can adapt to weather conditions.

And if you haven't seen Kirk's stock yet, or answered the Old Man's survey request, you should do so now.

take your digital camera... I want pics of the "Tunnel of Doom"...

Day late, and a dollar short. I was solo and have no record outside of the miserable groups I got, that will be posted later.

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