Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Tunnel

Pics I'm referencing to are posted below.

I did make it to the range yesterday and the wind was blowing about 50 mph. Thankfully, the zero-wind tunnel was empty. It was by no means, a full afternoon of shooting. I spent about 40 minutes out there and that may have been 20 minutes too long.

I was not exactly shooting great; the tunnel is dark and scary, and I'm not used to shooting alone. My groups were not exactly up to my usual standard.

What I established, though, is that the rifle/scope has an absolute windage zero.

We should be going back tomorrow (we meaning the old man will go, as well) and I'm thinking about doing the tunnel again and adjusting the zero to 400 and confirming it by what the bullet offset is.

Needless to say, our BAG day guns are ready to be posted, but we have 15 days to go.

And you bastards need to answer the question!

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