Monday, March 14, 2005

Those SASS turds

Generally, I don't like bitching about fellow gun enthusiasts. Black Gun guys, Iron and Wood guys, old .22 guys I see at the range, who look like they have a load in their pants; they're all pretty cool. And they are all helpful and friendly.

Unfortunately, that cannot be said for Single Action Shooters or at least their elitist club. There are not a lot of single-action blogs that I can find. Denise over at TenRing mentioned that she would be interested in trying it. In the end, I think most people who are easy on this Single Action bunch just haven't experienced enough of them.

A friend of mine called up about a year ago and was all jazzed that our governor, Bill Richardson, had cut a deal with land management to give these people a shitload of land. The idea being, that the tourist dollars would offset any government cost that would be incurred. These guys have a lot of money, as they fly all over the country to shoot pie plates while wearing Halloween costumes. They spend money on motels, food, and buying crap for their wives and children.

Said buddy was adamant that a new range was a good thing (I agreed with him at the time) and that these guys only used it for "events" and us centerfire heathans would be able to shoot on it for a reasonable fee or whatever.

Now I guess we are going to pave the roads for them.

Well, it turns out that these assholes are going to use this range for maybe 9 DAYS OUT OF THE YEAR. And there is absolutely no thought given to local centerfire shooters. So a beautiful, pristine range is going to sit there for 354 days a year with absolutely nothing happening.

We have facilities for these wackos at the club I belong to, but they can't find it in their rich asses to do the same for us?

Well they've even shifted their main event to the Albuquerque area. 4,000 parking spots and a lot of goofy looking assholes in chaps. The Village People never drew a turnout like that.

The conclusion being, it's nice that my tax dollars are being used to pave roads for a bunch of lawyers in 10-gallon Stetsons who want to get away for a weekend. And I'm sure the tourist dollars help local businesses.

All that aside, do you have to be elitist exclusionary pricks about the whole thing when I'm footing the dollar? It's enough to make me want to show up with an AR, Glock and Mossberg just to scare the shit out these pie-plate killers.

I'll calm down now because this event is being held the last two days of April and first day of May. As luck would have it, I'll be in Idaho on Boomershoot.

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