Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Right to LIFE

From the Old Man:

I am sorry if this is out of place but I have been watching the Schiavo case and I am disgusted. The first word that started it all is LIFE. The idea that the government, the courts, the legislature, your husband or your wife can take that away is sickening. In the context, gun rights pale, blogger rights pale, mc cain and fineshit pale. I just do not understand how we, the people, can possibly allow this to happen.

My 2 cents.

I personally would never want to live on in a persistent vegetative state. I certainly would not want my parents to live every day hoping I would "snap out of it" when there was no hope. I certainly would not like to have my family bankrupted trying to preserve my empty shell.

Even more I would hate the idea that Lawyers are fighting over the fate of my cast off husk.

Point exactly. "I", "I", "I" - NOT the government or the courts.
Minor point - she is not in a "persitent vegatative state" - no respirators, or other wonders of modern medice. Just a simple feeding tube. They are going to starve her to death!
Actually she is in a PVS...

here is a definition for you...

A persistent vegetative state, which sometimes follows a coma, refers to a condition in which individuals have lost cognitive neurological function and awareness of the environment but retain noncognitive function and a perserved sleep-wake cycle.

It is sometimes described as when a person is technically alive, but his/her brain is dead. However, that description is not completely accurate. In persistent vegetative state the individual loses the higher cerebral powers of the brain, but the functions of the brainstem, such as respiration (breathing) and circulation, remain relatively intact. Spontaneous movements may occur and the eyes may open in response to external stimuli, but the patient does not speak or obey commands. Patients in a vegetative state may appear somewhat normal. They may occasionally grimace, cry, or laugh.

For all intents and purposes she is just a husk that is being fed to keep her alive...

That is not Life, that is Hell...

I will not try to pretend that morality comes into this, and that individual's moralities do not necessarily converge.

"Right to Life", "pro-life", and "pulling the plug" are all loaded phrases meant to fire up the abortion crowd (pro- and anti-.)

My issue is that the government and, more specifically, the judicial branch is taking an active role in this decision.

Regardless of my views, if robbed of my own choice, I would prefer a mother or spouse to make the decision. The last thing I would want is for the government to "order" anything having to do with me.

We can argue about the morality of an action, but I think we can agree the government has no place in this decision.

Additionally, it is ludicrous that the judicial branch would say it's okay to kill an innocent woman because of PVS, while a week ago that same branch of government decreed that you can't kill some fucker who went on a kill-crazy rampage 2 days before his 19th birthday.

To Kirk:

The government can not take your guns away,
You are saying the government can take your life away.
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