Sunday, March 20, 2005

Prone shooting

Never tried it before. I've benched, offhanded, and sat, but never lay down like "Come and get like a big funky sex machine" stance.

I tried it tonight after following Kirk's travails this weekend.

As some of you may know, the availability of my airgun range makes it a lot easier to try new shit out on a Sunday night. I set out my Dillon mat and my makeshift airgun rest (a pistol rest for the front, basically.) I was clocking about a 1/2" group but it seemed that a good sight picture usually meant a very uncomfortable shoulder/stock scenario. While the shots remained to be true, I couldn't accomplish a good shoulder position.

Another reason I like to try shit out on an airgun range is the fact that a .30-06 can break something while a .17 pellet ain't gonna do anything.

At this point I'm loathe to try a heavy caliber rifle in the prone position when I can't acomplish that end with an air rifle.

Am I doing something grossly wrong?

my prone time was much less uncomfortable this weekend than it was 3ish weeks ago. My neck was not worked out nearly as badly as with the old stock... Try prone with your rifle but have some sort of pad ready...

Sounds like you might be shooting with the rifle in-line with your whole body. Your body should be at a 20 to 40-degree (or so) off the axis of the weapon. That keeps the butt on your shoulder muscle and off your (breakable) collarbone.
You may have hit the nail on the head there...

I will fiddle around more with body position next time out...

I hate blogs. Blogs suck. Try to be a man and not a little girl. I've been shooting prone for a long time and have never once winned about my neck hurting, pussy.
Yours truely,
The Kansas Rifleman
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