Thursday, March 10, 2005

Only Law Enforcement are Trained to Properly Handle Firearms

Big hat tip to Publicola on this one (an he h/t's War Guns, who h/t's Wolfesblog, who h/t's someone else, but my blog etiquette is exhausted.) I had to mop up the pool of piss underneath my desk after watching this:

Cop teaching gun safety to children.

My only additional comment is that I think the dummy is referring to a Glock chambered for a .40 S&W not a "Glock 40."

Yup. Real gun expert. That "Glock 40" stuff tipped me off right away to the fact that this guy is a legend, but unfortunately only in his own mind.

So the question is, what does he actually do? He walks to the side of the room to apparently show an assistant that the firearm is "clear"?

Presumably, the chamber is empty, but there is a loaded mag in the gun? I cannot tell from the video. Of course, "showing clear" must include the fact that there is NO MAGAZINE.
Seems he gave himself a hot leg so to speak...

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