Sunday, March 06, 2005

More from the Labour Pussies in the UK

The BBC has published this article about the upcoming FURTHER regulation of airguns, which are, as we all know, the scourge of civilized society.

Apparently an infant was killed with an airgun. The BBC does not offer reasons or circumstances to round out the article. Was the infant shot at close range? Was it an intentional act? Were there contributing factors? Who cares.

Here's the really good quote from the first minister of Scottland:

He continued: "As first minister, I do know that in irresponsible hands, an
airgun is a lethal weapon.

For the sake of argument, take out the word "airgun" and insert the following:

a) a frozen mackeral

b) a heavy piece of furniture

c) a fist

What do you end up with? It is very easy to kill infants. It is always a regrettable occurrence, but a government can't go about banning everything that is inherently dangerous.

"New laws on airguns are already in place, but if more are needed, we must not
hold back and the people of Scotland know that Labour will not hold back."

The question I'm left with is this: They say there wasn't any Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Did they have airguns?

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