Sunday, March 20, 2005

Boomershoot Update

After the last shooting excursion, I've found I'm about where I want to be. Contrary to a lot of suggestions, I think I will be compensating with the mil-dot scope as opposed to utilizing the tactical turrets on the scope (this remains to be seen, as the turrets are one of the reasons I bought the scope. The appearance of the rifle hasn't changed, though I think the reticle is off by a hair. That should be resolved by the time I hit the range this week.

In other news, Kirk at Limpidity finally got his stock in and appears to be loading ammo now.

As Kirk has reminded me, I forget to keep up with all the wack shit Analog Kid gets up to with his Boomershoot rifle.

While speaking of Random Nuclear Strikes, I would like to welcome them, Triggerfinger and Americandrumslinger to the Blogroll.

Lazy post, I know; but screwing with the blogroll is an actual pain in the ass.

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