Sunday, March 27, 2005

Boomershoot rifles and our Over-Achiever Award

Boomershoot is fast approaching and those of us attending are preparing in different ways.

This week I am going to try the windless tunnel at my range to guarantee a perfect zero.

AnalogKid has settled on a load that he is satisfied with, as have I (Federal Sierra Match King 168 grain .30-06.)

I think all of the bloggers attending have posted pics of their rifles. They range from jerry-rigged hunting rifles like mine, custom rifles like the Kid's, and dependable wood and iron like Kim's.

I may be premature in doing this, but I think Kirk ought to get the Boomershoot Blog Over-Achiever award. Check out why and definitely leave a comment.

I'm not going to make it this year, but y'all have inspired me to play the Boomershoot game the next time it comes around. I picked up a Savage 10FP in .308 on Saturday....the Nikon 4.5x14 scope, Leupold mounts, Duramaxx stock, and dies will be arriving on Friday of this week.

Save a spot for me on the line next year....
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