Thursday, March 24, 2005

Boomershoot and other quandaries

Kim had a great post up today about his unwillingless to bend his philosophy to suit a particular event. I applaud him on his fortitude on issues like these.

In a somewhat weaker vein, I have tried to make a long-range rifle out of a feather-weight hunting rifle and the results should at least bring a smile. Unlike Kirk or the AnalogKid, I have not designed my rifle to the event, but rather taken an existing rifle and tried to make it fit the bill.

That is not to say that I didn't buy an extremely expensive scope to put on a .30-06 hunting rifle. It's just a bit weird that I'm going to be next to guys with custom rifles, and mine is a crappy MK-11 Ruger 77 or something or other, that I bought used because it was a left-handed rifle.

The other thing Kim mentioned today, was the Thompson. Kim states:

As much as I love my Marlin
Camp 45
, it’s a modern rifle, whereas the Tommy is, well, old, with a
history longer than any other semi-auto rifle ever made. I don’t even care about
the 50-round drum mag—the 30-round stick would be fine. I nearly sold my Camp 45
to a friend a few minutes later, but I came to my senses: I’ll buy a Tommy in
addition to keeping the Camp carbine around, thank you very much.

Kim's sentiments are understandable. Rifles with history bring up inevitable conflicts of interest, in my opinion. They have a broad application because they were military weapons, but may not be the best candidate for your particular need.

He further states that:

I saw the modern incarnation of the wonderful old Tommy gun in .45 ACP (okay,
Thompson 19271-A1 for the purists, and the Thompson M1 for the super-purists, as
it’s the semi-auto reproduction):

My father owns one and it is a thing of beauty to behold. Given that, I guess he's a super-purist, as he considers the rifle (loosely defined, at best) as an M1 Thompson.

I don't like fully agreeing or disargreeing with people without the necessary facts. I will await future posts I guess.

In the meantime, you ought to answer the goddamn survey.

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