Sunday, February 06, 2005

Walther PPK Part Two

This site has become increasingly technical and egocentric (or solipsist, depending on your diagnosis.) I plan on trying to do more analysis in the future, but this has been complicated by a couple of things.

First off: Boomershoot.

Secondly: Boomershoot. Yes I've bought some new shit. That doesn't mean I will have a chance to fire it until summer. If you look at Kyle's post on the Walther, it seems he's got a pretty good bead on it. Add to that these comments, and you can add Cowboy Blob to the Walther fanlist. In other news, Kirk has posted pics of some weird WWII Swede rifle?

I shall return with a passion, sometime this week, undercutting the MSM like the limp spoiled baguette that it is.

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