Saturday, February 12, 2005

Those Crazy Brits

It has been well reported that Britain has gone entirely of it's nut when it comes to weapons of any sort. It has also been well reported that crime statistics have remained static, at best, or significantly increased. But, the hysterical press coverage is something to be held in awe. Here, Brian Currie of The Evening Times seems to be showing some twitching and froth around the mouth.

Of course rifles, handguns, and hunting with dogs have all been taken care of already, so the next target is knives; "assault knives" to be exact.

NEW laws banning high street shops from selling assault knives, machetes and
other weapons could be introduced by the end of next year.

It would be helpful if someone could define what "assault knives" actually are, but Mr. Currie makes no effort whatsoever.

Over the past four years the number of incidents involving knives has risen by 350%...

This sounds to me to be a problem unrelated to availability and more to do with a culture that is degenerating. The author, however, gives no comparable statistics as to domestic abuse, alcoholism, the murder rate as a whole, or even the number of assaults per se over the last several years.

During First Minister's Questions he produced photographs of makeshift weapons, including scissor blades taped to a broom handle, to demonstrate the extent of the problem.

"Scissor blades taped to a broom handle"? What the fuck does that have to to with anything? Are we going to have a "hedge trimmer crisis" next?

Regardless, what do you do when your socialist society starts to go to shit? Turn on the fascism.

There will also be...a proposal to give police random stop and search powers...

Once again, the solution is some kind of nanny state, which taken to its logical end, means an end to liberty, one step at a time.

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