Thursday, February 03, 2005

Done Deal

I have noticed with private transactions that people are adverse to parking lots and private addresses. I've got a one up on that shit. My commercial building is privately owned, and zoning-wise, is considered to be a commercial public office. All officers of the corporation agree, that gun purchases going down in my segment is cool (I have a separate entrance as well.)

The purchase went great today. The deal was for a mutant Mossberg and a PPK. The seller was an ex-Marine who now does "fugitive recovery", "Exec. Protect", and something like Hostage Recovery. I contacted him through somebody I know at Whole Foods, where he does Security.

In any case, the guy was nuts. I consider myself to be a gun-nut, but there are people who always think you are operating with Zero-experience. Through the course of conversation, he was surprised to find out that I owned a Mossberg, an AR, and various and sundry pistols.

The Mossberg is a bit much for me on the tactical end. It has a CAR-15 stock and lights, bells, and whistles.

Pictures should be following.

Point being, gun-nuts come in all shapes and sizes, but they usually seem to be honest, nice people that do you right.

The purchase was from a nut (he explained to me the optical illusion that may result from blinking headlights, as if that may save my life), but he was fair and a generally good guy.

And in the end judgement, aren't we all a little daffy?

UPDATE: The old man is not a fan of the PPK. In fact he just calls it my PP. In my defense, I brought up that any red-blooded male my age has a yearning for the gun James Bond sported.

I never knew my father did not like James Bond movies, as, everytime TNT throws a marathon, I'm on it like flies on shit. In any case he has an interesting theory that never occurred to me.

I always considered James Bond the man. Not only did he have a cool looking Walther, but he could kill terrorists with his bare hands and always scored with the ladies (BTW, did he bed Pussy Galore or not?). The old man's theory is that James Bond liked to touch guys butts. He may have been in denial about his natural tendencies or not, because the old man's argument is that Bond girls have all the traits of women who show gay guys "the right way" or whatever.

I wrote this off immediately, but if you've ever hung out with fag hags, there is probably a kernel of truth to this. For instance, most women I know hate James Bond films because the females are objectified and never have any dynamic character development. If in fact, James Bond was gay, obviously, even the vixen women he encounters, would not rank with the male players.

I think I'm going to stop digging now. But if you think I'm insane (or the old man) take a look at the 3-day argument raging at NRO about homoeroticism in Miller's Crossing.

Shit. This update was longer than the post.

"... aren't we all a little daffy?"

No, we're the normal ones.

The ones who fear an inanimate hunk of metal are the nutjobs.

Cheers... homebru
Benjamin, it's been days now. I'd really like to see pictures of the mutant Mossberg. BTW, your old man is exactly right about Bond.
Rest assured, 007 bagged Miss Galore at the very end of Goldfinger. After they parachuted into the woods, the military was flying around to rescue them. Bond pulled her under the parachute, explaining that "this is no time to be rescued..."
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