Monday, February 07, 2005

Concealed Knives

Kirk in Maryland, and I have been discussing current and previous knife collections. During the course of our conversations, it occurred to me that I carry about 5 knives, at any given point in time.

The given pocket knife, two pocket clip folders, a push-dagger IWB, and a boot knife. Additionally, depending on the paranoia factor, I will also carry a neck knife. Maybe I should clean this up and limit the daily carry to two edged weapons? And if, only two, what two would be advisable?

Any comments can leave out the idea of ditching the boot knife. That is essential. What else can be streamlined?

Everyone needs a katana. I like to carry mine to the grocery store. Vaulting over the butcher's counter, emitting a soul-searing "kiiiaaaa" and slicing a hanging side of beef is always good for a laugh. Those guys in the white uniforms just scatter like bowling pins. It's more concealable than the chainsaw, at any rate. The manager has asked me to shop somewhere else. I think he's just kidding, though. However, there still may be repercussions over the shuriken incident....completely not my fault, I assure you.

I keep meaning to write Christopher Lambert and asking him how the hell he managed to hide his katana under a coat. Dang immortals.

Unless I've just watched a Kurosawa flick, I usually go with the single "combat" style folder. I usually opt fo the SOG X-Ray or the Emerson CQB-7. Occasionally, the SOG Flash II gets pressed into service. Though I ususally only find myself locked in deadly struggle with mail that somebody has seen fit to tape up instead of just licking the seal like a normal person.

The SOG Trident is on my wish list as well.

I have decided to boycott Spyderco completely. I've broken two of their knives so far, and if they can't do any better than that, I don't need one. Though that karambit they've got is pretty sweet...

I'm pretty sold on the SOG stuff. Their warranty department is pretty solid. Great steel, really good price.

I do usually have another one floating around the truck somewhere, but only one on me. If the courthouse I'm in that day has a metal detector, everything stays in the truck, of course.

This does not include a hunting trip, where at least two skinners are put into service.

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