Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Are Attornies General worse than Genital Warts?

I don't think I have hid my contempt for Eliot Spitzer. Some state bereaucrat who thinks he can run the country from some NYC office.

I have previously posted on the noxious Bill Lockyer. Say what you will about Spitzer, I get the feeling that he's intelligent. Not so for my buddy Lockyer. This guy got kicked in the head by a mule when he was younger or he was just born stupid. This is the guy who's flirted with ballistic fingerprinting for the last several years, even though it has failed in every other arena it's been attempted in.

Leave it to a California legislator to come up with an idea that is even more retarded than the ballistic finger-printing. Of course, Lockyer is not formally endorsing it, he has just voiced his enthusiasm for more nonsense.

...California may become the first state to require
semiautomatic pistols to stamp their make, model and serial number onto every
cartridge they fire...

... semiautomatic models produced after January
2007 to carry the innovative microstamping technology.

Now my technical knowledge may be a bit dusty, but the last time I looked at a Glock breech-face, there was a hole through which the firing pin strikes the primer. I don't understand how a firing pin could stamp all that information on a primer that is malleable by design. It sounds like this would require additional parts in the handgun.

"We expect that it will be a very valuable tool and will
help solve hundreds of additional crimes, if it's implemented,' said Assemblyman
Paul Koretz, a West Hollywood Democrat who proposed the bill.

I think the addendum that this moron is a "West Hollywood Democrat" pretty much tells you what you need to know. Maybe the feeb ought to try looking at the design of a pistol instead of watching Law & Order every week (or eight times a week, as I could never keep track of that show or its spin-offs.)

The value of matching bullets or cartridges with guns that
fired them was demonstrated by the 2002 investigation into a series of sniper
attacks that killed 10 people in the Washington, D.C., area.
firearms experts were able to link a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle found in the
car of John Allen Muhammad with incidental markings on bullet fragments
extracted from his victims.

I may be wrong, but, if memory serves, this was by no means the pivotal evidence in the case. They may have found this information after the fact, but it definitely was not the key facts on which this case was founded. Nonetheless, if police can find ballistic evidence after the fact, the press is perfectly willing to attribute the entire case to its merits.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken no position on the
measure. Attorney General Bill Lockyer supports the concept but has not yet
endorsed Koretz's bill, spokesman Nathan Barankin said.

Of course, Schwarzenegger will sign anything that crosses his desk. Lockyer, however, is just another jerkoff AG looking for headlines. He's yet to find them, but will try any moronic stunt to get there. And the more attention Spitzer gets, the more these other state politicians will follow his model.

Im no CSI, but can't bullets be identified to specific guns by marks left from rifling?
These hollywood folks should support their local and state police departments (and CSI) with the millions they waste just talking about this stupid sh#$
And as far as the D.C. sniper case; I believe, the large hole in the trunk of the car used to shoot from, might have given the shmuck away.
Yea anyone using the MD/VA shootings as a reason to try and push Ballistic fingerprinting is a complete idiot. They never recovered a .223 casing. They were firing from the inside of a trunk. The gun bigots are complete oxygen thieves...

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