Sunday, January 02, 2005

This one is a beaut

I've covered the proposed "ban" to curb the ever-growing "knife culture" (as if they have clubs, weekend activities, or youth programs). Jeff at Alphecca has also covered this and I think Kevin at Smallest Minority has pretty much debunked the entire idea.

Well I had missed this little nugget until the old man had sent me the BBC's top "crap we didn't know about a year ago" list. Assailing the BBC for its asininity all around is piling on, but this made their number one factoid.

Apparently the proposed "knife control" our cousins across the pond are considering would include potato peelers.

This sounds like some of the retarded crap the TSA was trying to pull after 9/11, where old ladies were having their knitting needles confiscated. The difference being, of course, that the madness then was restricted to people who wanted to fly. This would be a ban on people carrying potato peelers to the mall.

Mr Blunkett also announced measures to include as banned weapons other
implements police say are used in street fights, such as potato peelers or

They are considering implementing airport-type security at malls and such. The article features two photographs: 1) a big, scary looking bayonet and 2) some dumbass getting off of an escalator at a mall.

Now I think a smart, British, homicidal maniac would have a better chance of killing someone by sending them directly to the first story of the mall and bypassing the escalator. After all, those ceramic tile floors are pretty hard.

But has anyone seriously researched how many times a person can be stabbed by a potato peeler before succumbing to the hereafter? Sounds like work for the British academia.

I find myself looking at the UK and Australia as a warning of what could happen here if we become less vigilant sheep as the average UK and Australian citizen has become.

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