Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Outermost Limit

What is your absolute ceiling on spending when it comes to a gun?

I've been advocating that the Old Man buy a Fulton Armory M-14, that is loaded to the tits. This exceeds his spending willabilaty. About $3,500 if you want a decent Krieger barrel.

His argument is that Springfields are more affordable and can be tricked-up from their out-of-the-box state.

Now the reading audience has to understand that the old man hates glass. He seems to deliberately buy weapons where scopes are either overkill or too eccentric to be of any real use. I respect the position but strenuously disagree. Especially with any kind of long-range precision shooting.

The one we are currently looking at is a Springfield Match-Grade rifle. This is a bit more reasonably priced and is still a gorgeous looking rifle.

I have proved to myself that, given the means, I will spend buttloads of money on crap that is total overkill or well beyond my ability to use effectively.

My question:

What's the most you have ever spent on a gun, what was it, and what was your rationale (your excuse to your significant other will do)?

Most expensive: $250 for a CZ 452. (hey, I'm 22 and just out of college!) But I have two mosin-nagants which, when added together, cost about the same or a little more... (and I'm getting together the pieces to mount a PU scope on one of them... so that makes the cost above the $250.)

I lose.
I paid $550 for a Sig-Sauer 229 about five years ago. I know I'm going to have to spend more than that on the much lusted-after 300 Ultra Magnum, but I'll have a rifle that I can even take to Africa one day. It will end up costing about a grand, and I'm actually prepared to do it.

I have also resigned myself to buying an M-14. That is going to cost about a grand as well.

So I guess my upper limit is about $1000.

If I hit the lottery, I can see getting an H7K p7 ($800 or so), a couple of nice over-and-under Berettas ($1000 apiece). Other than that, I can't imagine what else I might want that's more than that. I'm sure I could find something.....if I tried......

I paid over $1500 for a new Colt HBAR right as the AWB was hitting. I was trapped in Maryland at the time, but I was a single NCO with no life at the time, so no biggie. Besides that, the Box o' Gun I blogged about today will probably eclipse that figure once I pay the gunsmith off. Looking forward to it!
I payed a bit in excess of 2K for my 1911 everything said and done from the gunsmith. Shoots quite well...

If I build a rifle for Palma shooting I am sure that it will exceed the amount of the pistol.

I also keep looking at the H&K 93 and they are running for about $3500....


A nice H&K MP5SD will run around 12K now... should have bought one a few years ago when it was 5K....

I've got close to $3500 spent on my rifle for the Boomershoot. It isn't hurting too badly since I've been working on building it since mid-September.

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