Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Old Man's early birthday present to himself

As you may know, I have a penchant for "modern arms," while the old man's interests are a bit more historical. The common convergance is 1911's. If we get into an argument about .357 revolvers vs. Glocks, we usually resolve it by agreeing the 1911 was the greatest pistol innovation in the history of the last several centuries. It is the standard upon which all other semi-automatic pistols are based.

In any case, we agreed that we would split the cost of a Win. .22 Magnum lever action rifle as a Christmas gift to the both of us.

Of course, one also has to get oneself a little gift of his own. This is no secret in my family. As such, today the old man ordered an Auto-Ordanance M1 Thompson:

We are utilizing a kitchen table FFL for the first time and (knock on wood) this might be the way to go to avoid all the gunstore bullshit.

I'm going to see how the sale goes and then score myself the USP I've been blabbing about for months:

The Thompson we anticipate in about 10 days and the FFL is about 2 minutes away from the office.

The new year is looking pretty sweet, so far (knock on wood.)

I am a huge USP fan. Great choice of gun. The compacts are especially nice, and not quite as bulky as the others. The .45 shoots really well. I think you'll enjoy whichever USP you end up with. They keep following me home as well.

Good thing your Dad is a reloader as you are going to need one with the Thompson and the new USP both eating .45ACP....

Boomershoot.... Booooooomershoooootttttt.....

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