Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Ninth Circus Rolls On

Unimpeded by classic jurisprudence, the Ninth Circuit reinstated the case against Glock.

Apparently, you are too stupid to handle a Glock. Even though every law officer in your county carries one.

The suit accused manufacturers of deliberately making more guns than the
legitimate market would support and selling them through channels that would
reach a "secondary market'' of private and under-the-table sales, with scanty
background checks. Such a system created easy access for illegal buyers like

So Glock sold handguns too responsible police officers. Those guns were sold off. Somehow a mutant comes into posession of it and it is Glock's fault.

What am I missing?

The ruling cited the suit's allegations that Glock Inc., maker of the 9mm pistol used to shoot Ileto, sold many guns to police that were unsafe for civilians, encouraged early trade-ins and ignored government warnings about high-risk distribution channels. That pattern was followed in the initial sale of the pistol to a police department in Washington state and its ultimate sale by an unlicensed trader to Furrow, the suit alleged.

I understand now. Civilians are ill-prepared to own or carry a "cop gun." Our kind should just stick to revolvers. I don't care how who was killed.

If I truly hated someone, they would be the prey of machete , not a 9mm. It sounds like a crime that deserves punishment, but Glock is...innocent...and they're Glock, for crying out loud.

Its all about the gun-grabbers master plan: Eliminate firearms

The tried to legislate them out of existence, that failed so now they are going to try and litigate those who make them out of business.

Welcome to the stupid people's world...

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