Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nerdy Gun Post

For the record, I have never shot long range. Generally, I stick to hunting and battle rifles that I take out to 200 yards. I'm fine with that.

However, Boomershoot, which will be my first vacation in 5 years, presents a different scenario than what I am used to. I usually think about shooting animals or people at relatively short ranges (250 yards and 10 feet, respectively.)

This long-range business is a bit more than I bargained for.

I've bought 100 rounds of Federal Sierra Gold Match King (165 gr.) to practice with. I'm not positive this is the ammunition I will stick with, but it should be a good start.

Today, I pulled up ballistic charts for the ammo and realized that 800 yards is a far cry from shooting a target at 200 yards when your rifle is sighted to 100.

If anyone knows of a good ballistic or long range scope site that explains some of this crap, please help me.

Modern BallisticsIf you have any problems or questions send an email or give me a call. I originally wrote the program for my use in dynamite shoots.

Federal Match 30.06 ammo and Boomershoot conditions are supplied with the program.

I tried reading all the info I could find on the web when I first started shooting at a distance, but nothing will replace actually going to the range and turning money into noise. If you can, set up a steel target at around 500 yards and practice on that. The steel will provide auditory feedback when hit so that you don't have to spend all your time peering through a spotting scope. Be sure to go on both calm and windy days......a 5 mph cross wind can really screw with you!

Have fun!


Thanks for the info.

Len: hadn't spotted your blog before. You've got some pretty hardcore children.

Keep it up and thanks again. If Len's daughter can pop gongs at 600 yards and I can't get a scope dialed in, I have truly failed the next generation.

I look forward to meeting you there!

Ry Jones
Thanks for the compliments on the kids. They don't hit the 600 yd gong every time, but then again I don't either. :-)

It is an excellent way to teach "wind reading" though. The AR-15 has so little recoil that the kids can have the scope back on the target before the bullet gets there and actually SEE where the bullet goes. I haven't let them start dialing the scopes for elevation or windage yet - it's all hold over and hold off for now. My theory is that the adjustments on the scope will make more sense if they understand the wind/elevation/bullet relationship.

Have fun!

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